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Wedded is an online South African wedding guide showcasing all relevant suppliers in the industry.

Wedded’s vision is to have a site that gives the big corporate as well as the small entrepreneurs equal and exceptional coverage.

We hope to assist those small businesses who also do not have there own websites with a platform to properly showcase all there services.

Planning a wedding is easy with Wedded as we show all the information needed to completely inform you of the products offered without having to go to multiple websites to gather more information. All that’s needed is to go to the explore page and fill in your search criteria.
We wanted to give every supplier and vendor the opportunity to show case themselves equally so all the vendors listings are the same and no preference is given to any one in particular. You get ten images and all your company details laid out in a beautiful shopfront.

It is affordable and easy to add your own business, simply go to the add a listing page and start building your business information, once you are happy with the results you can check out and pay, we only allow direct bank transfers as to keep a proper record of purchases and to make your experience more personal. We are happy to create your business listing for you all you need to do is contact us.

We give everyone the opportunity to add events on the website for free, all events can be uploaded by you just visit the add a listing page and click on events and upload your information about the event, you can contact us should you need any assistance.

We also love hearing your stories and will love to add it to our blog section. If you wish to share your wedding day experience please feel free to do so. We also give other blog writers the opportunity to add their blog posts to create an extra platform for their writing, why see an article only on one website?