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proviid.com – booking and prepayment platform for IT support call outs

proviid.com - booking and prepayment platform for IT support call outs

proviid.com is offering an outlet, for a stress-free approach to IT support.

We understand building a small business can be a daunting process at times, and all you want is every aspect to harmoniously sort itself out. This is why we’re empowering you in your busy schedule, by offering an easy-to-use solution in IT support communication.

We’re helping small businesses, by giving you access to experienced, pre-vetted freelancing IT support technicians usually supported with a higher price tag. And we do this by connecting you through the use of a user-friendly online booking and prepayment platform.

The platform allows a choice of per hour services, fixed services; and a choice to book any IT professional, or a preferred technician. All bookings are managed in your personal My Account area. This includes keeping track of your history, as well as other features, like buying extra hours, paying for goods and editing your personal details. To help your bottom line, we additionally focus on offering voucher discounts so you have more control on your monthly budget. At the end of the day, we’re all only going to move forward together.

For high level security, all payments are processed using the national payment processor PayFast.co.za.

The journey in becoming a competitive support platform for growing businesses, has to start with knowing how to provide a level of support that helps you move forward with a sound mind; knowing you’re receiving the technical experience, with no-obligation competitive quotes, offering you more control of your daily cost flow.

— This is what we offer you.