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Project Management Consultant and Course

Project Management Consultant and Course

The Art of Project Management

Goals and needs

We assist our customer to write a comprehensive customer requirement specification (CRS). This will determine if we will be managing a Project (single unit), program (more than one unit and related) with a large project i.e. in different areas of the country, the project becomes a program and is divided into regional projects, portfolio (more than one unit not related) projects in the same project office that are not related to each other.
Should the project be that of change management – we will assist the business with the business process re-engineering required.
Once we have agreed on the CRS this is used to create the Business Proposal for the project, program, or portfolio. An Agreement is then negotiated, signed and implemented.
During Implementation, feedback is given on the bases as per the agreement. This will probably include weekly meetings.

Project planning

All work done is documented for record, monitoring and sign off purposes. This includes all project planning and project Documentation, progress monitoring, issue handling, milestone completion documents and as built drawings.
Quality –– to ensure that the results are of the standard you require the ISO standards are employed for best results. (i.e. ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and other as required)
Business analysis is utilised to ensued the best solution is offered. – Gap analysis is utilised during the planning phase when a system is in place and changes are required.


Once we have agreed on the implementation of the project, the project is managed to completion.


Project Management Course

Goals your company needs to implement for change and growth?

We provide a practical approach to implementing a goal as a project, by using your goal as the basis for your project management course. Our 5 day project management course starts by you choosing the goals to apply the project management principles and tools to. This is then used to create a customer requirement specification (CRS). If you have a large goal, it can be a daunting task to divide it to chunks that you can work with and then move to then next part. In project management this is called work breakdown structure and is an important part of a successful project. Our 5 day project management course could be the solution to leave procrastination behind and start achieving your goals. The resulting documents can be used as a proposal to obtain the financing you may need for your goal or project.

Our booking page is www.alkemras.co.za/pmapply.html