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About Insulpro

Insulpro is the leading supplier of Insulation products in the Southern African Region.
As a “One-stop Insulation shop” Insulpro can offer insulation solutions across all temperature ranges and applications. Products available include Thermal and Acoustical materials.

Whether it is duct insulation, pipe insulation, chilled insulation, hot insulation, fire stopping or sound insulation, Insulpro has the expertise and product range to meet all your insulation requirements.

All products supplied by Insulpro are sourced to comply with the stringent specifications required by leading Consulting Engineers.
As an official Saint Gobain / Isover distributor, Insulpro offers the complete range of Fiberglass/Mineral wool insulation which includes Ductwrap, Sonic Liners, Pipe sections (with all available Vapor barrier finishes), Rockwool slabs, batts and rolls – as used for sound attenuation or fire proofing.
Aerolite and Factorylite are the ideal products for temperature control of ceilings and roofs, with Aerolite being the preferred product used in dry walling for acoustics.

The heavier density mineral wool insulation can be used in walls, and under plinths supporting chillers, fans etc for noise control
The new fiberglass Soundlite ceiling tiles are the ultimate insulation for offices for both thermal and acoustical benefits. As a very lightweight and attractive Ceiling tile, Soundlite is being specified more often by both architects and by air-conditioning consulting engineers.

A recent innovation by Insulpro is the introduction of high density Pipe Supports with a factory applied Vapor Barrier to replace the “wooden block”. These pipe supports ensure good insulation at the support as well as the continuation of vapor barrier without the need to loosen the pipe clamps during installation, but most importantly, reduces the potential breakdown of condensation control at these points. Megaphen (Phenolic Foam) is an ideal insulation material for chilled water pipework. It has a very low “K”factor and is very suited to use in areas with higher levels of Relative Humidity. Also available in sheet form, Megaphen can be used on exposed ducting.

Vidoflex, a superior Nitrile rubber insulation with excellent properties, is ideal for copper pipework, flexible hosing and chilled water pipework, and has been specified recently for several recent major new projects including among them Didata and Unibank head office.
Other products available from Insulpro include Polystyrene, Polyurethane, Polyisocyanurate, Thermaflex, and Ceramic Fiber.
Insulpro also stocks all finishing products including Vapor barriers, insulation adhesives, non-drip cork tapes, Vidoflex Tapes, aluminium tapes, Fiberglass membranes insulation plasters, fixing materials and tools of the trade..
Insulation protection is available in Galvanised, Stainless Steel or Aluminium cladding, lobster back bends and insulation “kits” for vessels and fittings.

For further information or technical advice call Insulpro on
27-11- 8352127, or send an e-mail to mail@insulpro.co.za